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Guidelines for cross-border cases.

We have compiled in this guide the most relevant information for cases involving clients, lawyers and professionals from other countries.

Our approach: understanding the customer’s wishes.

In our firm we have handled numerous cross-border cases, so we know exactly the complications and reluctance that can arise when dealing with them.

We make this guide available to anyone who is interested in order to calm concerns about these cases.

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Keys: communication and transparency.

Only with good communication will we be able to achieve the desired objective. We focus on understanding what the foreign client or professional is telling us and what their expectations are, so that we can advise them in the best way possible.

Clear working method.

In many cases, the content of the case is as complicated as learning to work with people of different customs. That is why we focus on carefully explaining the working method we will follow and setting realistic expectations for both parties.

In our law firm, we have established a strong presence in cross-border legal cases thanks to our membership in an international association since 2008. We are familiar with the complexities involved in working with foreign lawyers and clients on matters involving professionals from two countries and their respective laws. Communication is key in this process, as we seek to avoid misunderstandings and foster transparency and trust between all parties involved.

To ensure an effective start, we conduct initial video calls with our clients to fully understand their objectives, desires and misgivings. We are highly flexible in this regard, adapting to the specific needs of each case. In addition, we are fully transparent with our fees and have the ability to offer different options and recommend the best in terms of speed, efficiency and safety for the client.

Communication is key. We seek to foster transparency and trust among all parties involved.

We are highly flexible, adapting to the needs of each case and client.

It is essential that foreign clients grant us a power of attorney, and although some may be surprised by this request, we clearly explain that it is the only valid method in Spain to act on behalf of another legal entity or individual. Throughout the legal process, we maintain constant communication by e-mail and, as needed, conduct phone calls to keep our clients and foreign lawyers informed of the progress of their case.

If any inconvenience should arise, we communicate it immediately in an honest and clear manner. We do not hide or try to make excuses, but rather seek solutions and offer recommendations to achieve the best possible resolution for the client. At the end of the case, we answer all questions and provide all necessary documentation. Should additional questions arise at a later date, we are available to answer them without any problem.

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