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Labor Law

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Among the main difficulties we encounter in labor law is the large amount of new legislation that is published every year, especially from Covid. The changing legislation, together with changes in jurisprudence and interpretative criteria of the Courts, make labor management in companies very difficult.

That is why the work of the work team is becoming more and more relevant and many companies are contacting us more and more for work-related matters. We highlight the main services we provide for them:

  • General advice on labor matters for your company. Contractual modalities and special regimes.
  • Establishment of standardized processes for dealing with the workforce.
  • Negotiations with workers. Dispute management, legal proceedings.
  • Study and elaboration of mandatory protocols according to the size of the company, in terms of equality, regulatory compliance, etc.
  • Processing and management of ERTE: We assist you in temporary procedures of suspension and/or reduction of employment contracts, ensuring proper management.
  • Labor restructuring: We offer labor advice and handle collective dismissals, ensuring compliance with labor regulations.

Difficulties with staffing. Disciplinary regime for employees.

One of the most stressful situations in a company is friction with employees. We have vast experience in dealing with these situations, advising the company on the legal options available to it, the interpretative trends of the Courts and most importantly, the recommendation of how to act according to each case and each client.

  • Preparation of sanctioning files for workers.
  • Establishment of action protocols in the human resources area of each company.
  • Processing of contradictory files.
  • Imposition and processing of sanctions, including disciplinary dismissal.

Work-life balance rights.

With the new legislation in this area, the casuistry is very broad, we examine numerous applications for all types of permits and advise our clients on the best way to act to comply with the stipulations of the law.

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