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Workers’ rights.

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With extensive experience in labor law, we are aware of the complexity of labor law today. The large number of new regulations published in recent years, together with new jurisprudential developments and new interpretative criteria of the Courts, have led to a significant increase in the number of labor law consultations in the firm.

We are at your service to resolve your doubts regarding the following matters and more, as well as to offer you advice and representation in your labor matters.

Beginning of the labor relationship.

  • Advice in relation to contracts and company agreements.
  • Preparation of general and senior management contracts.
  • Choice of labor agreement according to the sector, definition of the minimum characteristics that must regulate the employment contract according to our collective bargaining system.

During the employment relationship.

  • Substantial modifications of working conditions. Claims and contentious procedures regarding the modifications that the company wants to impose.
  • Harassment at work (moving). Mistreatment by word of mouth or otherwise. Violations of fundamental rights.
  • Disputes on vacation matters.
  • Reduced working hours for child care or other reasons.
  • Work permits in accordance with the rights of reconciliation of work and personal life. Legal claims.
  • Long-term medical leaves.
  • Claims for amounts, such as overtime.
  • Payroll review, studying whether the payment made is correct.

Termination of the employment relationship.

  • Claims for dismissal: unfair, disciplinary, objective.
  • Nullity of dismissal: legal proceedings to annul the dismissal and reinstate the employee in his or her job.
  • Voluntary leaves of absence, for child care, to fulfill a public duty. Applications and claims.
  • Discharge from the company due to recognition of a permanent disability.
  • Negotiations between the company and the employee.

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