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Banking Law

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In financial matters, our legal approach to banking law will provide you with the advice you need to navigate the world of banking and financial transactions, securing your interests and protecting your assets.

  • Claims against banks for lack of transparency and consumer information.
  • Claims of floor clauses, mortgage expenses and others.
  • Financial claims for the contracting of high-risk products.

Phishing claims

Phishing is a form of cyberattack in which attackers attempt to trick people into revealing sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by posing as a trusted entity. This is often done through fraudulent emails, text messages or websites that mimic legitimate organizations.

Unfortunately, phishing fraud is very common nowadays, designed to make the bank appear authentic. This increases the likelihood that people will fall for the scam.

We can help you recover your financial losses. The banking entity may face legal consequences if it has not complied with the legal protection requirements demanded of it.

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