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Services for foreign companies.

We are your partner in Spain, offering you a complete service as a local point of contact for all your business operations in the country.

Our multilingual team and our experience in cross-border cases give you confidence and security. We belong to international networks of specialized lawyers, with whom we collaborate in complex cases that transcend borders.

Below are some of the services we provide for foreign companies operating in Spain in one way or another.

Comprehensive services

From the incorporation of a subsidiary in Spain for your foreign company, to commercial operations in Spain or legal proceedings, our team is able to assist you.

Incorporation of a company in Spain

  • Company structuring, as an independent or subsidiary of a foreign company: We guide you through the process of establishing your company in Spain, either as an independent entity or as a subsidiary of a foreign company, ensuring a solid structure adapted to your needs.
  • Document management for foreign partners, whether individuals or legal entities: We facilitate and manage all the necessary documentation for foreign partners, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.
  • Preparation of bylaws: We create clear and transparent bylaws that reflect the nature of your company and protect your interests.
  • Corporate agreements: We advise on the drafting of corporate agreements to ensure solid and beneficial business relationships.
  • Directors’ Regime: We guide you in the selection and fulfillment of the responsibilities of the directors of your company.
  • Monetary and non-monetary contributions: We assist in the management of financial and non-financial contributions to ensure a successful operational start-up.

Company management in Spain

  • Labor relations: We manage your company’s labor relations, from hiring to dismissals, and ensure compliance with labor and tax regulations.
  • Fiscal management: We take care of accounting and tax filing, facilitating your relations with the Treasury, Consellería and other agencies.
  • Additional procedures that you may need: We assist you in the procedures before the chamber of commerce, as well as in the search and procedures for offices or commercial premises.
  • Commercial claims: We resolve commercial claims, such as non-payment or breach of contract, protecting your interests and maintaining the confidence of our foreign clients.

Legal Proceedings

We represent you in legal proceedings, protecting your interests and ensuring a solid and transparent legal defense.

Real estate operations

We handle real estate transactions, including leasing contracts, investments and related tax aspects, facilitating a safe and reliable experience for foreign companies.

Administrative procedures

We offer advice and representation in administrative procedures to guarantee an efficient and transparent handling of the legal and administrative procedures necessary for your company.

Cross-border cases

With our experience working with clients and professionals from different countries, you can count on us to deal with a cross-border matter. Consult our action protocol to find out how we work: Guide for working on cross-border issues.

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