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Cross-border success stories.

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Our firm is proud to have successfully represented clients in various jurisdictions over two decades, and to have collaborated closely with foreign lawyers and legal professionals to achieve exceptional results.

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Success stories.

Please see below some of the recent matters we have handled, with an international connection.

For detailed information on the types of cases we handle, we invite you to explore our services page, where you will find a complete breakdown of our practice areas.

Creation of a NewCo in Spain.

Purchase of residential property in Alicante.

Provider of services for subsidiary of American company.

Expansion of Spanish business to other countries (Italy).

Exit of a Spanish investor from the company in Morocco.

Inheritance dispute and division of property in Italy.

Asset management of British matrimony.

Collective dismissal in Spain of international company.

Debt claim in Spain

Claiming taxes from a Spaniard after working in the USA.

Claiming debts abroad.

Torts claim in Italy (traffic accident).

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