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Bankruptcy and restructuring law.

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When financial challenges arise, our legal team specializing in bankruptcy and restructuring law is ready to offer you solutions that allow you to navigate these situations with a strategic and carefully planned approach.

Companies with difficulties: Previous insolvency situation.

Conducting the pre-assessment. In the event that a situation of difficulty is identified, the declaration of pre-bankruptcy is a good way to negotiate with creditors in order to avoid aggravating the problem. Legally, the consequences of not applying in time are serious, so this step is always vital.

  • Previous study of the economic-financial situation of the company and the performance of the persons who make up the administrative bodies.
  • Previous negotiations with creditors. Refinancing agreements. Suspension of debts. Execution of guarantees.
  • Judicial request for preconcurso. Deadlines for action.

Bankruptcy proceedings.

Contrary to popular conception, an insolvency proceeding aims at the survival of the insolvent company, which is always our objective. A company that reaches this point finds itself not only in financial difficulties, but often its management bodies are not in the best position to make decisions on their own. We provide invaluable external support, offering an objective and external view, which helps our clients in making decisions and choosing the path to follow.

  • Judicial proceedings for insolvency proceedings. Preparation of all relevant documentation.
  • Collaboration with the appointed insolvency administrator, holding periodic meetings or as needed. Follow-up of the company.
  • Legal disputes with creditors. Claims to debtors to facilitate collection.
  • Negotiation and signing of the bankruptcy agreement with creditors. Study and proposal of a viable agreement, with a proposal of payments and reductions within the client’s reach.
  • Qualification of the contest.

All this, however, is not always enough to achieve the viability of the competition. In those cases in which unfortunately the desired port is not reached, we achieve an optimal result within the negative situation.

  • Opening of the liquidation phase, support to the liquidator, reaching the necessary agreements with the company.

Special procedure for microenterprises.

With the reform of the bankruptcy law, a special procedure was introduced for this type of company. We emphasize that when we indicate “companies” we refer to both individuals and legal entities that meet the following conditions:

  • Have employed an average of less than 10 workers during the year prior to the application.
  • Have an annual turnover of less than 700,000 euros or liabilities of less than 350,000 euros according to the last accounts closed in the fiscal year prior to the submission of the application.

We will evaluate if you are eligible for this type of procedure, and we will make the appropriate recommendations to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible for your business.

Company restructurings.

Our team has extensive experience in the financial and operational restructuring of companies. We approach each case with a comprehensive legal understanding, advising from a global point of view.

  • Previous insolvency situation: We evaluate the insolvency situation and offer preventive solutions to avoid insolvency proceedings.
  • Insolvency proceedings: We represent your interests during the insolvency process and manage claims with creditors.
  • Restructuring of companies: We advise you on restructuring and sales of production units to overcome business crisis situations.

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