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Service provider for companies.

We boost your company’s growth by providing comprehensive tax and labor advice, guaranteeing a personalized approach that adapts to your needs and business objectives.

Our professionals have first-hand knowledge of the difficulties involved in the day-to-day management of a company. That is why we provide this service, aimed at companies wishing to outsource labor and tax management to experts in the field, to focus on managing their business.

The following are the main services that companies request from us:

Tax services.

Traditionally, a tax advisor was a professional who was dedicated to helping the company comply with its tax obligations; that is, to pay its taxes in a timely manner. Of course, our service is not limited to being a mere manager, but we watch over the legal security of the company, its economic situation and possible ways to improve it.


  • Tax preparation and filing: Our team of economists and tax advisors handles the preparation and filing of your taxes, ensuring effective tax compliance.
  • Tax advice based on your company’s situation: We provide personalized tax advice, taking into account the specific situation of your company.
  • Management of tax notifications: We resolve petitions from tax agency and provide representation before the tax authorities.

Inspections and economic-administrative claims.

  • Management of tax inspections in companies: We represent and assist you in tax inspections to protect your interests.
  • Economic-administrative claims: We manage appeals and claims against administrative resolutions.
  • Contentious-administrative claims before the Courts: We represent your interests before the Courts in tax disputes.
  • Enforcement of judgments in tax matters: We guarantee compliance with favorable judgments in contentious-administrative proceedings.
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Labour related services

In the same way, a labor service provider was in charge of processing payrolls and Social Security payments on time. Increasingly, labor regulation is complex and extensive, with infinite casuistry. This is why companies can benefit from the expertise of a labor consultant to ensure that the company complies with labor regulations.

Labour related services Restructuring of workforces.

  • Labor advice based on your company’s situation: We provide advice on the personnel situation, possible restructurings, temporary layoff procedures (ERTEs) and even collective dismissal.
  • Advice on day-to-day events related to personnel, medical leave, maternity or paternity leave, etc.

Labour inspections

  • Management of labor inspections in companies: We represent and assist you in inspections to protect your interests.
  • Appeals against labor inspection reports: We manage appeals and claims against administrative resolutions.

Payroll and social security processing

  • Payroll and social security: Our team of social graduates and tax advisors is in charge of managing payroll and social security to ensure labor and tax compliance.

Tax drating and filing.

  • Preparation and filing of taxes relating to a company’s workforce.

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