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Legal services for individuals.

Our team of lawyers is dedicated to protecting your rights and interests, providing you with advice in various legal areas so that you can face any challenge with confidence and legal support.

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Our deep commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is reflected in our wide range of legal services designed specifically to meet your unique needs.

With decades of experience behind us, we have advised clients in family-related matters, as well as in labor claims, accidents and taxation.

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Each individual has a unique story and goals, and we are committed to providing you with the legal support you need to achieve your objectives. Explore our services below and discover how we can be your legal partner, committed to protecting your rights and helping you overcome any legal obstacles you may encounter in your personal life.

Find out more about the main areas in which we advise our clients.

At Álvaro Porcar Abogados, we understand that the legal issues that affect people are as varied as their own lives. That is why we have created a wide range of legal services designed to meet your individual needs, guiding you with knowledge and experience at every step of your legal journey. Our mission is to be your legal partner every step of the way, providing you with the expert advice and accurate guidance you need to make informed decisions.

Our team of attorneys, with decades of experience in various legal areas, is dedicated to thoroughly understanding your personal goals and needs. We are here to provide you with accurate legal solutions and reliable guidance that will allow you to move forward with confidence.

In times of family change, our family law legal team provides you with the support you need to navigate legal challenges, protecting your interests and those of your loved ones.

Management of marital conflicts, with property in common between spouses: We advise and resolve conflicts with property in common, seeking equitable solutions.

Separation of assets: We advise on the separation of assets to protect your patrimonial interests.

Divorces and de facto separations: We assist you in divorces and separations, guaranteeing a fair and transparent legal process.

Elaboration of regulatory agreements, in cases with children in common, ensuring the welfare of the family.

Incapacitation: We manage incapacitation proceedings, protecting the rights of the persons involved.

Inheritance law

Wills: We advise you on the preparation and processing of wills to ensure proper estate planning.

Inheritance pre-planning: We advise on inheritance pre-planning to ensure a distribution in accordance with your wishes.

Inheritance: We manage inheritances, ensuring a fair and transparent distribution of assets, in accordance with the law and the last will and testament.

Inheritance disputes and divisions: We resolve inheritance disputes and divisions, protecting the rights of heirs.

Our employment law legal team is here to protect your rights as a worker, offering advice and representation in employment matters to ensure fair and equitable relationships in the workplace.

Dismissal claims: We represent workers in dismissal claims, ensuring a fair and transparent process.

Claims for payroll, vacations, etc.: We handle labor claims, such as payroll and vacation payments, protecting the rights of employees.

Drafting of contracts and company agreements: We draft labor contracts and agreements, ensuring a clear and legally protected labor relationship.

Sick leave: We advise on sick leave, guaranteeing compliance with labor regulations.

Permanent disabilities: We manage permanent disability procedures, ensuring the rights of the worker.

In situations of disabilities and handicaps, our legal team will provide you with the necessary support to ensure that your rights and needs are protected, guaranteeing an adequate quality of life.

Processing: We manage disability and handicap procedures, ensuring effective and transparent management.

Judicial claim proceedings: We represent in judicial claim proceedings for disabilities or handicaps.

Real estate law

Lease contracts: we draw up solid contracts and protect your interests.

Acquisition of real estate, either through purchase and sale, adjudication in judicial proceedings, or in judicial and/or administrative auctions.

Investment in real estate: We advise on purchase and sale transactions and provide a comprehensive fiscal vision for a safe investment.

Real estate legal proceedings: We represent your interests in legal proceedings related to real estate.

In financial matters, our legal approach to banking law will provide you with the advice you need to navigate the world of banking and financial transactions, securing your interests and protecting your assets.

Claims against banks for lack of transparency and consumer information.

Claims of floor clauses, mortgage expenses and others.

Financial claims for the contracting of high-risk products.

In traffic accident cases, our legal approach in this area will provide you with the assistance you need to protect your rights and obtain the compensation you deserve, relieving stress in difficult situations.

Advice and management of claims for traffic accidents, accidents in private places or on public roads.

Management and negotiation of the corresponding economic compensation.

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