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Leading the Future of Young Lawyers in Europe

In our ongoing commitment to providing exceptional legal service and being at the forefront of innovation in the legal world, we are proud to share some exciting news from our team. Our valued colleague Miriam Porcar has been appointed president of Jurismus, a leading international association of young lawyers that focuses on the training and development of the next generation of legal professionals across Europe.

This exciting achievement is not only a testament to Miriam’s dedication and expertise, but also reflects our firm belief in the importance of going beyond the conventional and engaging in initiatives that enrich the legal community as a whole.

Miriam assumes this leadership role with an infectious passion and bold vision to strengthen collaboration among young lawyers across Europe. Through his role at Jurismus, he will work closely with a diverse committee of young lawyers from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, England and Norway. Together, they will strive to foster an enriching learning environment and development opportunities for emerging lawyers. This has been echoed by the association on social media.

Importantly, this prestigious position also carries with it a place on the committee of the Eurojuris International association, a step that promotes the active participation of young members in the global legal community. This connection will further strengthen our ability to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art service to our customers.

At Álvaro Porcar’s law firm, we believe that our responsibility as lawyers goes beyond day-to-day legal transactions. We are committed to forging meaningful connections, influencing professional development and contributing to the growth of the legal community in Europe and beyond.

We congratulate Miriam on this outstanding achievement and look forward to seeing how her leadership at Jurismus and Eurojuris International continues to enrich our clients’ experience and strengthen our commitment to legal excellence and innovation.

For more information about our commitments and connections in the legal community, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve you every step of the way.

Congratulations to Miriam and our entire team for this outstanding achievement!